Python Python Basics (2015) Letter Game App Even or Odd Loop

even odd function

am trying to print five times using while loop but am getting a message ' wrong number of prints'
import random

start = 5
while start < 5:

        secret_num = random.randint(1, 99)
        if even_odd(secret_num) is True:
            print("{} is even.").format(secret_num)
            print("{} is odd.").format(secret_num)
        start -= 1

def even_odd(num):

    # If % 2 is 0, the number is even.
    # Since 0 is falsey, we have to invert it with not.
    return not num % 2

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Dave StSomeWhere
Dave StSomeWhere
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Too funny, I just made the same mistake on that challenge yesterday.

Double check the 2 print() statements - your syntax error is there (only one character out of place).