JavaScript Building a MEAN Application Introduction to the MEAN Stack Setting Up an Express Application

Christopher Parke
Christopher Parke
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everything is finished?

I forked the Repo as instructed and I have a version where everything is finished. I'm not sure what went wrong.

Steven Parker
Steven Parker
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You might want to make a snapshot of your workspace and provide the link here so we can look at the issue.

It would also help if you explain just what the issue is in a bit more detail.

1 Answer

Seth Kroger
Seth Kroger
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The git repo has tagged commits for each video. They provide snapshots of the code as the project progresses. You aren't required to use any beyond the starting one for this video but they are useful if you get stuck midway and need a clean starting point.

Toward the bottom of the Teacher's Notes there are instructions to checkout the starting code as a new git branch.

git clone <your-fork>
cd mean-todo
git checkout tags/s1v3 -b setting-up-an-express-application