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exception handling

It's not letting me pass the exception handling problem

Jennifer Nordell
Jennifer Nordell
Treehouse Staff

Hi there! A link to the challenge would be helpful for us. I'd like to point out also that a good number of us who answer questions regularly on Treehouse prefer it when we can see the code that you've tried thus far. In my opinion, this results in a better overall learning experience for you. We can look at your code and more accurately say what you are not understanding and explain in more detail why this works the way it does! :sparkles:

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Steven Parker
Steven Parker
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:point_right: Here's a few generic hints.

I agree with Jennifer, you should give it your best "good faith" attempt and then post your code if you have problems or questions (with a link to the challenge). But the final challenge in this course has been the subject of many previous questions, so I can give you some generic hints for tasks 2 and 3:

People often over-think this one and get too creative, and their answer is rejected for a variety of reasons (some which don't seem to make any sense).

Here are the secret "rules" you must follow for success on this one:

  • Your program must ask for and accept input ONE TIME ONLY
  • If the input validates, your program will perform exactly as in Task 1
  • If the input does not validate, it will print the error message and exit
  • Validation must be done by exception catching. There are other perfectly good methods that can be used for validation, but they will not pass this challenge