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Steven Gutierrez
Steven Gutierrez
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Exception Help

How do you make "except" accept all arguments? The last part it confusing me.
# squared(5) would return 25
# squared("2") would return 4
# squared("tim") would return "timtimtim"

def squared(num):
        return num ** 2

        return num * len(num)

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Chris Freeman
Chris Freeman
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The issue isn't that the except is missing an error type to accept. Using except without an error type does accept all errors.

The issue is that squared("2") does raise an error an returns the incorrect result of "2" (the length times the string) when it should return 4.

You need to attempt converting num to an int() for the case of a string of numbers within the try block.

Post back if you need more help. Good luck!!!