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Shain Jones
Shain Jones
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Below is the objective and my response. The error on the objective is saying it is expecting a name, then shows what I am creating and it looks identical. Any advice and if I am far off can you explain please. Thank you.


In an ecommerce database there's a customers table with id, username, first_name, last_name, password, email and phone columns.

Create a report from the customers table that shows their first initial of their first name and alias it as initial. Select their last name too.


SELECT SUBSTR(first_name,"1","1") || " " AS initial, last_name FROM customers;

Dave StSomeWhere
Dave StSomeWhere
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Why are you concatenating a space after the initial - it's not asking for that - try removing it?

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Steven Parker
Steven Parker
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Dave has the right idea, the extra space isn't visible on the output line, but it causes the field to not match what the validation system is expecting. Return just the initial and you'll pass.