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explanation about this code

toggleButton.addEventListener("click", () => {
  //if the display is default click tp hide the list                  
 if( == "none") {
  toggleButton.textContent = "Hide list"; = "block"
} else {
  toggleButton.textContent = "Show list"; =  "none"; 

someone can explain to me the statment in the if block?

I know that "none" means to literally hide it and "block" means its deafult.

why we check if the is equal to "none" if it can't be "none" since when we open the page we see the list.

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Piotr Manczak
Piotr Manczak
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"none" means to literally hide it and "block" means its deafult or to show. We started with 'none', however I agree that it would be more logical to start with 'block'. Functionally it's this same.