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General Discussion

Steven Garrard
Steven Garrard
2,289 Points

Exporting html/using the Workspace/general questions


This is the first time I have asked a question - really enjoying the website so far and I think this is the only thing that has come up that I haven't been sure about - please pardon my ignorance if this is obvious.

I've just completed the first part of How to Build a Website and there were a couple of things I wasn't sure about - firstly, Nick Pettit connected the html/css for the sample site to a server using Cyberduck (a process I didn't go through myself as I don't quite feel ready to buy hosting or a domain). He then carried on using the workspace to edit the live site - have I understood this correctly? I.E. is the code dynamically linked to the website via Cyberduck, and is it possible to keep making changes in this way?

Secondly, I really like Treehouse at the moment, but let's assume I want to take the html I have created, cancel my subscription, and work on the same code elsewhere; is this possible? Would this just mean I would have to change around the code that is connected to Cyberduck (or the equivalent)? Also, if I were to cancel my subscription but pick it up again later, presumably I could also pick up where I left off and my Workspace would be saved?

Lastly, Nick mentioned that the port he is using in Cyberduck is something like "18675", I can't remember the exact number - however, he didn't mentioned (unless I missed it) where he got this number from and what it is based on?

Thanks in advance for any help, and sorry for asking loads of questions at once!

3 Answers

Hey Steven.

I'm going to try and write this as basic as I can; if you already know this stuff please forgive my oversimplification of it.

Cyberduck is a ftp client (a program that connects your computer to your hosting provider's computer). The hosting is where your website files are located and linked up to the internet. Using ftp allows you to access the files on the hosting computer and change, edit or delete them. Whatever settings he had in Cyberduck will not transfer to you as you aren't accessing the same computers. (if you buy hosting their will be instructions on the setting you'll need to use).

As far as recreating your work outside of treehouse there isn't a problem. Why not just copy/paste into a file that you create locally on your computer like index.html or my-styles.css? You can just use relative paths and then you can edit the files as you like.

I don't know anything about the canceling subscription and workspace though. You'd have to ask someone that works here. I do know you can suspend your account for a bit though. I've done that when going on holidays. You don't get charged and all your progress stays where you left it.

I've been a student since January 2013 and still really enjoy it. There's constantly new content to learn and I've been really impressed with the teachers & community. If you're serious about learning then it's a really good investment.

Steven Garrard
Steven Garrard
2,289 Points

Hi Jeremy,

Thanks, yeah, that helps a lot!

I think my concern was that, in the video at least, nickrp was editing the code in Workspace and it was updating instantly in real time on the website he had created as an example - this made me worry that there was some unique pathway between Workspace>Cyberduck>the hosting company, and that if I tried to change any of this I'd end up getting in a muddle.

I'm definitely planning at the moment to carry on with using Treehouse, but it's good to know I could leave and pick things up.


I don't think you can leave and pick up exactly. You'd have to pause your subscription.

Natalia C.
Natalia C.
2,027 Points

I love these questions! They let the teacher in my to come out :P

Hi Steven!

I'll try to reply in the same order you asked. If I forget something, or something isn't clear, feel free to ask ;) I won't go through what CyberDuck or ftp is, as Jeremy has covered that already.

So, "Nick Pettit connected the html/css for the sample site to a server......He then carried on using the workspace to edit the live site". No, I'm afraid you haven't understood this correctly. Workspace is not -to quote you again- "dynamically linked to the website". Nick uploaded (via ftp) the files he had locally on his computer. That's why you need an ftp client. To upload to the server the files from your computer.

Also, he didn't use Workspace to edit the live website. In your workspace, you have a preview button (looks like an eye icon). If you click that, you can see how your code (html and css) looks like as a website. That's how you check your work! And, of course, every change you make to your code, appears on the preview site as well. You'll have a url that looks like this: http://web- 'some code here' .treehouse-app.com/.

To get a copy of your workspace files and keep them locally on your machine, you don't need to copy and paste each and every file separately. You have the option to download your workspace. Go to 'File' ---> 'Download Workspace'. (and that answers your other question too, on how you can take your code).

So, yes, you can take your files, and no, they are not connected to Cyberduck or any ftp client you might choose to use.

Lastly, as for canceling your subscription, I'm afraid I can't answer to that. You need a Treehouse representative to clarify this for you, but my guess is that workspaces are not saved if you leave the platform. At least that seems logical to me. :)

Hope I've helped! :))