iOS Swift Collections and Control Flow Control Flow With Conditional Statements FizzBuzz Challenge

Alonso Martinez
Alonso Martinez
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expression pattern of type 'Bool' cannot match values of type 'Int'


I am not sure what to do here.. can someone steer me in the right direction?

What have you got so far? What code are you writing that is a Bool?

1 Answer

This answer worked for me in the challenge just now. How does it compare to your?

func fizzBuzz(n: Int) -> String {
  // Enter your code between the two comment markers

  switch n
    case n where n % 3 == 0 && n % 5 == 0: return "FizzBuzz"
    case n where n % 3 == 0: return "Fizz"
    case n where n % 5 == 0: return "Buzz"
    default: break 

  // End code
  return "\(n)"