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General Discussion

Konrad Pilch
Konrad Pilch
2,435 Points



My right eye got a little blury . When i wake up , my eyes hurt. I was on the computer for like well, 21:00 and i went sleep like 5-7am for cople of weeks. The fact my right eye got blured a little .

Whill this go away if i step back from it? i mean , the blur, can be temporary ? i dont mean the blur forever, but since i just got it, will it get better? ( if i step away).

I know i should go to check doctor. But any other informatoin? and what about when i learn ? if i spend 10h learning on pc , i mean, were programmers right? and i have to code few mine projects, business too which will take quite a lot of time to do as well.

I really dont want to wear glasses, the life will just .. : O im scared : p

Do anyone have tips or someithgn? does anyone know anything about them?

Teamtreehouse should do a health and safety video on how to use computer etc.. xd

Konrad Pilch
Konrad Pilch
2,435 Points

Thank you both !

I really appreciate your help.
I dont want to wear glasses meaning the glasses we see on people face : p
But if the 'Computer Glasses' are like for the eye for the computer, that sounds good!
Ill see also the F.lux . My parents are going now for two weeks so ill be sleeping early. ( unfortunataly when my parents go to bed, i can go on pc because i share it with my mum so if i wont stay at night, i wont do anything and at college , they cant teach).

Iv noticed that when i go to bed ealier, the pain goes away . Also i try not to use now my phone no more, only when i need to . And im trying to make a break every 45-90minutes for likr at least 5 minutes( i managed so far). This stuff is addicting, never though programming is soo addicting, but well, you can do anything :D admin , special webistes etc, thats soo cool as well as apps ( whatever you can do : p) .

Well, i believe, i will have go to the doctor if you write so : p but im sure its about technology and late nights : p I dont want to get my eyes checked on the Alphabet . Last year i had 'ophthalmitis' and i wne tot the eye checker and she gaved me some cream to put in eye and after like 2-3 days, it was like normal, as well as eye drops 3 times per day .

Oh yeah, i had dry eyes too . Now i dont even sleep, and i also read i probably , my eyes are too tired. Muscules wokring for too long .

I believe that eye muscule is like streching, if you overstreach, your legs will be out of use and will need cople of months to regenerate. And i believe Eye is the same but it doenst heal , it jsut gets blury and more with time.

Yesterday as i was in swimming, i stood like 20ft from the sign and i looked on the sing ' Hot Very Hot Water'. I could see it with my left eye , letter by letter, but my right eye, nope :(.

Could this go away, could be this a temporary blue on my right eye? or the blur one its on the eye, it will never go away? i know that it can since ppl wear glasses etc.. but maybe some special blur : p

The soonest i can go to visit the eye doctor is on 24th since that when im going to be in my country and heres too expensive and cant afford it .

Thank you for the answers. For sure i keep that in mind and hopefuly Joy will make 'Health and Ergonomics ' course . Lets vote :D

2 Answers

Mari Johannessen
Mari Johannessen
12,232 Points

Hi Konrad! I would recommend that you look into Computer Glasses, glasses made specifically for people working on a computer for long periods of time. And you'll only have to wear them while you're working on our computer. But before doing that, I would definitely ask your doctor about it in case it's caused by something else than being in front of the computer :-) http://www.allaboutvision.com/cvs/computer_glasses.htm

Konrad Pilch
Konrad Pilch
2,435 Points

HI, i have read the description and im not exactly sure what it means in 100% but to reffer on what was written there, i can see very well the scree. Now im on iMac 27" and im like 27"away from it , and if i close my left eye and look at the time , then i can still see it but its not the best sharpen but i can still see it well .

I dont know if that makes any change : p

Also my computer screen is usualy on 1-2 bars. I had on 'none' bars when my eyes were in pain caused by too long time on pc.

I do get also eye watering in a hot circumstances as well as in cold. And im not sure if its just me or not, but i think , i might be a little light sensitive. I mean i mot sure its hard to tell . There was kind of sunny day, and i asked somebody if the eyes ahve to much light and he said yes, so it would match that my eye should have the same. But im not sure about other circumstances like at house from the thingy light on the roof .

Best thing to check and eye doctor probably : d ( i just though ). Their scary ;d Im 18 , if some things sounds childish :d

Ricky Catron
Ricky Catron
13,023 Points

F.lux saved my eyes. I had been noticing the same problem after late night computer work. Adding flux to my computer made the screen much easier to look at and the eye pain vanished. Sadly it may not fix your issue if your problem is different but it will help! If the pain continues definitely contact a doctor.

Ps. sometime you just gotta go to sleep. The eye pain may just be your brains way of saying "What are you doing go to bed"

Goodluck! --Ricky

Konrad Pilch
Konrad Pilch
2,435 Points

Ill check that out , i think i had it once on windows, but it didnt work well. Ill tell you how it went after i finish the set up after the 2nd July.