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fail method

fail "times must be 1 or more" if times < 1

Can anyone explain to me what "fail" does and give me some concrete examples? Thank you.

def repeat(string, times)
  fail "times must be 1 or more" if times < 1
  counter = 0
  loop do


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Ari Misha
Ari Misha
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Hiya Andy! In Ruby, "fail" is synonymous with "raise". The "fail" method raises a runtime error just like the "raise" keyword.

The syntax of "Fail" is

fail(exception [, string [, array]])

  • Without any string or message passed to it as an argument, it raises a "runtime" error without raising an error.

  • fail(string): raises a RuntimeError with the string argument as an error message. fail "Failed to open file"

I hope it helped. (: