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General Discussion

Fear of Knowledge

I don't know if this is stupid but i love to learn new programming languages but i have this echoing fear that i won't remember them and end up forgetting them. I feel like if i learn too many programming languages that i will actively use and i will just forget them. I don't know why i feel this way i just want to be able to code without feeling like i won't remember it tomorrow.

how do you pass the 15 level in bloody trapland?

5 Answers

are you on drugs kid?


Try taking notes. You can look back on them later.

thank you that might help a lot and now thinking about it i have like 5 reference books i could use to help as well.

I was about to say that

Glad to help. Happy coding!

Sam Baines
Sam Baines
4,315 Points

This is not a stupid feeling Michael, I used to suffer from this too but the key I found was that the more you practice on a language and use it, the more you memorise it and can just pull it without thinking about it. Also many programming languages share similar functions, syntax, etc. And failing that there are always loads of resources to refer to for most languages like the Mozilla Developer Network to check anything if you can't remember the syntax.

Hope this helps.

thank you

Konrad Pilch
Konrad Pilch
2,435 Points

Well, in one word, Practice. First of all you have to learn . YOu need to learn programming basics. It doesnt mean what programing langauge it is, the basics are the same. They will differ with the syntax a bit and some will need you to learn a few more things as well.

When you start learning , your thingy in brain connects and passes throw, the more you do the same thing, the more connected that thingy in your mind is to other and the more it builds in the things there( i dont know the names of that stuff ).

Look, you wont be a programmer over a day , you need cople of months do do anything without any help. You will learn all etc.. and when you do , you got the knowledge of that langague and you can go look on google. Did you mention a programmer should have everything in one finger? nope he will go and look on the internet how to build stuff. He knows the basics and he can put them and twikle them as he like.

You have to keep refreshing your memory anyways and because the technology moves so fast, you have to learn it . So if you want to be a software and web developement. YOu should refresh web developement if your full time software developement or vice versa.

You learn how to speak or talk , and the more you do it , the better you get. YOu learn to speak other langauges, and you will forget the words you said today but with time , you will get them . If you learn 10 langauges ( not programming) e.g Italian etc.. then if you dont use it , you will forget it . But you will still understand it , it will just make you think longer and harder to do whatever you want to say .

Take main notes on stuff. Dont worry because if you do , then you can be one of those people thay say they want to start the business but theri affraid and they dont . You need to move forward and dont care about anything, just do it .

The time will pass anyways so its up to you , you an either worry now or you can do . If i was you i would not worry today about whats going to happend tomorrow but i will start to worry tomorrow so i worry only once. And since you are worring tomorrow , when you start learning new programming lanugage , youll stop .

Do what you do an eventualy youll get there! Just dont give up .

Have immagination my friend as well, anything in life is possibile as you decide it it. One that say can and the other say can't, their both right. YOu choose :)

Good luck! :)