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Feedback Method

I worked through this got it correct, but I don't have a full understanding why.

Why are we using self.praise() and self.reassurance() in the feedback method? Why can it not just be called as praise() or reassurance()?
class Student:
    name = "Your Name"

    def praise(self):
        return "You inspire me, {}".format(

    def reassurance(self):
        return "Chin up, {}. You'll get it next time!".format(

    def feedback(self,grade):
        if grade > 50:
            return self.praise()
            return self.reassurance()

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Steven Parker
Steven Parker
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When you reference methods (or attributes) of the current class instance, you put "self." before the item's name. Without the prefix, it looks like you're referencing a global function or variable (and if one by that name exists, you would be).