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General Discussion

Feedback on my first android app :)

Hey Guys

Just wanted to drop a link to my first android app

Took me roughly 5 months to learn android here and build the app at the same time. (been building others too). I'd recommend just going for it and build something straight away, even if its just the fun facts like I did.

Rough coding skills to do this app;

  1. Save data using sqlite (from a MYSQL background so wasn't too hard).
  2. Using a timer on the UI thread (took a lil while to find the right order of syntax)
  3. Android lifecycle

Being decent at something like photoshop would have helped as it doesn't "look" amazing but it's not too bad for a first effort :)


Any feedback would be nice and if anyone wants some advice or help if they are feeling a little intimidated of where to start on the android courses....feel free


7 Answers

Thanks, does actually mean a lot to hear that.

Markus Mönch
Markus Mönch
16,383 Points

it says not avilable in my country

Hi Markus,

Were just in the process of rolling it out. We've started with English speaking (USA,UK,CANADA) etc. All with the view to translate our app for Countries within the EU as soon as we feel confident our product can make a return and that people actually like the game :) . If you are also outside the EU ....we are looking at distributing via Amazon as they offer a Tax solution which suits us better for other states. So hopefully you are familiar with Amazon if that is the case.

We'l post a link on here when its on Amazon.

Hope thats ok :)

Markus Mönch
Markus Mönch
16,383 Points

did u code this app alone? u said u needed 5 months to do this app. did u have any prerequesites and how many hours per day did u learn?

5 months to do this app whilst learning java and android from scratch! I did do this one all by myself. I'd say I'm slightly above average intelligence but there is no reason why tons of people couldn't do it in less than 5 months. Had to put full time hours in because there were a few things whilst learning Java (THREADS etc) that confused me. I've been used to PHP & MYSQL you see.

I definitely recommend diving straight in.

I started with doing the fun facts app....then I knew I could create a model (the fun facts/the questions) and extract it to the view.

I tinkered with the interactive story app to learn how to pass data from one activity to another and then I used some vids on youtube to learn how to create the Timer.

It's a really simple app. But it was the game play I was more interested in.

Whatever you want to do, break it down into tiny tiny jobs....find the parts on treehouse and youtube that teach you, and put your new skills together like a jig-saw.

Markus Mönch
Markus Mönch
16,383 Points

i am learning php at the moment and do the php projects that are here on treehouse also to apply it to real stuff and soon I think there will also come MySql to it as i progress in PHP. Along the way I also do a little HTML, CSS to repeat.

does it make sense to do java and php at the same time? Because u said u were confused and used to PHP and MYSQL. Or first complete php and then Java?

Personally I found the gulf between PHP and Java huge. I'd rank the difficulty of the following languages in this order;


So I'd follow that pattern really....learn the client side....then learn the web.....learn how to get your php working with a database and then getting that data back to the client side and doing something with it, with AJAX.

Only then would I learn Java which I personally consider a bridge between the two(client & web). You are forced to learn objects and all that stuff which I found really hard.

Don't push yourself too much and take on too many languages at once. However if you aren't wanting to integrate your app with a server, why learn php at the moment? Skip right to the fun facts video on here and get your first app out. Depending on what you are wanting to build dictates what languages you need to learn :)

Oh and one piece of advice I'd say is....if you do skip right to the fun facts tutorial.....even if you are struggling to follow....just copy down the code they do....and just start changing stuff.....like....a color.....a fun fact....it gives you the confidence that you've broke away from the teacher and before you know it you change a variable.....add an activity of your own....

Just to make sure I answered your question, no I personally couldn't have learnt java and php at the same time. That would have been too hard for me......

Thale van der Sluijs
Thale van der Sluijs
1,756 Points

hey rjendeavours,

Do you want more improvement on this app or build a new really good app? Maybe we can work toghether and make a really good app. Right now I am learning Android development and I am pretty far. Please tell me if you want.

Greetings Thale van der Sluijs

This app is just a test to be honest as it is the first one. Got tons of ideas to make it better, just need to see a return on the basic gaming concept first. This app is the smallest in the ones we're developing, so it's just being used to test the waters and learn about the ins and outs of app development and marketing.

We're not looking for anyone at the moment Thale :/

No problem

If you have any other questions I'm happy to help.