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Gaby Esu
Gaby Esu
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File path not working

My read more is supposed to open in a new page, when I click it, the page says "page not found"

Gaby Esu
Gaby Esu
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Here is the syntax:

                  <h3>How Schools Use Virtual Reality to Improve Education</h3>
                  <p>By: Nick Pettit</p>  
                <p>Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Vivamus ultrices euismod turpis eget porta. Etiam nulla massa, pretium et massa nec, ornare dignissim nisi.</p>
                <a href="articles/article.html">Read more</a>
                <footer>Published 1995</footer>

1 Answer

Check folder structure in your workspace, article.html is located in articles/2017/ folder so the path will be <a href="articles/2017/article.html">Read more</a>