JavaScript JavaScript Basics Storing and Tracking Information with Variables Using String Methods

Finally, add a # symbol and lastName in uppercase to the end of the userName string. The final value of userName is "231

document.write("HAVING TROUBLE HERE GUY'S!");

In all seriousness, can i get help please?

var id = "23188xtr";
var lastName = "Smith";

var userName = id.toUpperCase("23188xtr"); +'#'+ var lastName("23188XTR#SMITH");
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Steven Parker
Steven Parker
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Here's a few hints:

  • a semicolon ends a statement, no matter where it is on the line
  • you can't start a new statement with a plus sign
  • only one variable is being created, so "var" will only be needed once
  • "lastname" is a variable, not a function
  • the "toUpperCase" function doesn't take any argument(s)