JavaScript JavaScript Basics (Retired) Storing and Tracking Information with Variables Using String Methods

Lamarr Powell
Lamarr Powell
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Finally, add a # symbol and lastName in uppercase to the end of the userName string. The final value of userName is "231

Need assistance with this. Struggling to understand, please help!!

var id = "23188xtr";
var lastName = id.toUpperCase() +"#SMITH";
var userName = id.toUpperCase() 
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Jamie Reardon
Jamie Reardon
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You are close here, except you have edited the code from the previous step. Your lastName variable should be untouched and should therefore look like so:

var lastName = "Smith";

For this part of the challenge, you must use string concatenation and the toUpperCase method on the lastName variable that will convert both the id and lastName variables to an uppercase version of their string value, which correctly in doing so is by using the new variable (userName) which has been created to hold this information, not re-assign the value of the lastName variable:

var id = "23188xtr";
var lastName = "Smith";

var userName = id.toUpperCase() + '#' + lastName.toUpperCase();