JavaScript JavaScript Basics (Retired) Creating Reusable Code with Functions Passing an Argument to a Function

Eric Lassard
Eric Lassard
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Finally, return

I got kinda stuck here, Anyone can help?

function returnValue(value){
  return = value
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Hi Eric,

You are super close to the right answer! All you need to do here is drop the equals sign. The return statement in this case tells the computer to return the value of the variable you request so an equals sign will give you a syntax error. Your code should look something like this:

function returnValue(value){
  return value


Antony .
Antony .
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Hi, Eric Lassard

When assigning the return statement to a value, you do so without a equals sign. So everything you have is functionally correct, just remove the equals sign. Then if you want to, you can end it off with a semi-colon.