Java Java Basics Perfecting the Prototype String Equality

Caleb Newell
Caleb Newell
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firstExample equal to secondExapmle

Add an if statement that checks to see if firstExample is equal to secondExample. If it is, print out "first is equal to second".

I got lost. Can anyone help me out here?
// I have imported a for you, it is named console. 
String firstExample = "hello";
String secondExample = "hello";
String thirdExample = "HELLO";
if (firstExample = secondExample)  {
  console.printf("first os equal to second");

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Jeffery Haupt
Jeffery Haupt
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Sure thing, it looks like the problem is the use of the assignment "=" equals sign versus the equality check "==" in your if statement.

Also the String function has a built in method that you will use in Java quite a bit .equals

So for this example you could use:

if ( firstExample.equals(secondExample)

This would return true as well.