Python Write Better Python Cleaner Code Operator Spacing

Fix the spacing around commas, operators, and in function calls

My code looks correct to me but I get the bummer message.

please help
numbers = [1, 2, 3, 4, 5]

def add(num1, num2):
    return num1 + num2

def subtract(num1, num2):
    return num1 - num2

def mathy(num1, num2):
    up = add(5 + 7, 7 + 9)
    down = subtract(6, 3)
    return add(up, down)

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Josh Keenan
Josh Keenan
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This is a tricky challenge as you need to get python's styling rules, the only thing you are missing I believe is a blank line at the end of the file, you should end every python file with a single blank line, with that added your code passes for me.