Python Flask Basics Welcome to Flask Multiply View


@app.route('/multiply/<int:num1>/<int:num2>') def multiply(num1, num2): return '{} * {} = {}'.format(num1, num2, num1*num2)

is anything wrong with this
from flask import Flask

app = Flask(__name__)

def multiply(num1,num2):
    return '{} * {} = {}'.format(num1,num2,num1*num2)

Hello Shashank,

Which task are you on?

Add a view named multiply. Give multiply a route named /multiply. Make multiply() return the product of 5 * 5. Remember, views have to return strings. Alexander Davison

1 Answer

Note: I am assuming that you are on task 1, so please excuse me if I'm wrong.

The challenge never asked you to have the URL take in two numbers. It simply wants the view multiply to return 5 * 5.

Try this:

def multiply():
    return str(5 * 5)