Python Flask Basics Character Builder Review: Flask Basics

Flask Basics

Attach the following view to my app with the route of /teachers.

def teachers(): return 'We have lots of teachers!'

im stuck anyone?

Tyler Duvall
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Tyler Duvall
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flasking can be tough and the is a lot you have to pay attention too. this code here is what it should look like. Happy coding!


def teachers():

return "We have lots of teachers"

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Mel Rumsey
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Mel Rumsey
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Hi Tafadzwa Timothy Gakaka !

Adding a route above a function requires a decorator of @app.route

then inside the parenthesis you need to specify what the route is in the parenthesis.

For example:

def index():
    return "This is my home page!"

I suggest reviewing this video :) First Steps