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Mike Siwik
Mike Siwik
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Flask Basics Challenge task 3 of 3

This task is bugged. Correct me if I'm wrong, but I think I entered the right answer multiple different ways. Yet, the challenge keeps giving me indentation errors. Or the vague response "try again!"

from flask import Flask
from flask import make_response

app = Flask(__name__)

def save():
response = make_response()
response.set_cookie('treehouse', 'ice')
return response

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Steven Tagawa
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Steven Tagawa
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Hi Mike,

Yikes--in the post your code is showing up as a giant blob of unindented orange, so I can't see what might be causing an indentation error... I assume that the lines under your function definition are indented? Maybe try unindenting them and reindenting them manually... I'm not up to Flask, but I don't see any obvious syntax errors or anything else weird in your code.

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I am having the same problem.