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Flex-Wrap doesn't work on Google Chrome

Just following along with the video, and I've personally downloaded the Project Files and work on Sublime Text, and run Google Chrome to test the changes. I just noticed that flex-wrap doesn't do anything on Google Chrome, but when I opened the .html file in Firefox it worked fine. With a further inspection, I noticed that opening the .html file in Internet Explorer, display: flex; didn't make any difference at all with IE.

So my question essentially is, is Flexbox outdated already and no longer works?

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Jason Anders
Jason Anders
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According to caniuse.com, flexbox is supported in Chrome, not so much in IE (but then again, what is supported in IE? Lol :)


I don't know what the issue turned out to be, but I ended up adding some additional Items and it started working fine then. I removed the additional items, and it carried on working. Probably a cache issue. My mistake