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Durim Fetahaj
Durim Fetahaj
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For loop

Any idea what's wrong with this code?(I'm really sure it's okay, but still getting a bummer)
public class Programmers {

  public void printMenu() {
    String[] programmers = {
            "Yukihiro Matsumoto",
            "David Nolen",
            "Grace Hopper",
            "Linus Torvalds",
      for (int i = 0; i < programmers.length; i++){

    System.out.println("Choose a programmer: ", i+1, programmers[i]);
    // TODO: Print out a menu by looping through the programmers array.
      The menu should be in the form of (each on a line of its own, starting with 1):
      1. Yukihiro Matsumoto
      2. David Nolen



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Steven Parker
Steven Parker
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You're close, but:

  • the "Choose a programmer: " line should be left as-is, and done before the loop
  • inside the loop, print only each index number and the name
  • you might use concatenation to create a single argument for "println" that includes punctuation