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Alphonse Cuccurullo
Alphonse Cuccurullo
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For some reason it isnt going through for me on line 24 care to correct my syntax?

def create_list
  print " Enter your list name "
  name = gets.chomp

  hash = {"name" => name, "items" =>}
  return hash

def add_item
  print" enter your item:"
  item = gets.chomp

  print"Enter amount:"
  quantity = gets.chomp

  stuff = {"item" => item, "quantity" => quantity}
  return stuff

list = create_list()
puts list.inspect

puts add_item.inspect

1 Answer

Steve Hunter
Steve Hunter
Treehouse Moderator 57,626 Points

Hi there,

I think the issue is where you are pushing the hash returned from add_item.

That should go onto the array inside the list called items:


Let me know if that helps.