Python Python Basics (2015) Python Data Types String Formatting

David Lassen-Diesen
David Lassen-Diesen
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Hi, there I'm unsure how to answer the question below,(Python Basics), Thank you David.

OK, now use .format() on the string "Treehouse loves {}" to put your name into the placeholder. Assign this to the variable subject (so start with subject =). You do not need to print() anything

"Treehouse loves {}".format(name)

"Treehouse loves {}" is a string that has many functions that can be used on it. One such function is the .format function. Whatever is passed to this function replaces the {} placeholder in the string "Treehouse loves {}" that calls that function. The question is asking you to pass the variable name, with value "David", to the format function. Hopefully, this helps. :)