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Formula Used to Create Percentage Values?

"target ÷ context = result"

Can anyone give a better example so i can get a clear understanding please?

Abraham Juliot
Abraham Juliot
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Width Of Child Element In px ÷ Width Of Parent Element In px = total %

I used this from the source below. After testing out some values, it clicked for me. I hope this helps.

http://rqrwd.com/ (really quick responsive web design tool)

1 Answer

Wayne Priestley
Wayne Priestley
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Hi Anthony,

I'll give you two examples as I'm not sure which one of the common two you wish to know about.

First is when you are figuring out grids or want a certain element to fill a certain width of the screen.
We will say we have set a body width of 900px,
We want an image to fill 3/4 of the screen.

target ÷ context = result

675px (3/4 of 900) is the target
900px (the body width is the context)

675 ÷ 900 = 0.75 (then you move the decimal 2 places to the right) 75%

Thats obviously an easy one that you don't need a calculator to know 75% is 3/4 of something, but pick another width, say body of 988px and you have an image of 342px and want a percentage width.

342 ÷ 988 = 0.3461 move x2 places = 34%

Second will be changing px to em units,
A font size of 27px to em,

target ÷ context = result
27 ÷ 16 (the usual default pixel size in a browser) = 1.6875em

Hope this helps.