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Jeffrey Cunningham
Jeffrey Cunningham
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foundation.css or foundations.css?

On line 5 of the functions.php file that zack is working on, I believe there is a typo. He has

wp_enqueue_stlye( 'foundation_css', get_template_directory_uri() . '/css/foundations.css' );

However, the foundation.css file that we are referring to came named as foundation.css not foundations.css. Is this a typo or should I be including a s on the end of this for some reason?

2 Answers

This is most definitely a typo, usually in a later video Zac will come back and correct it and explain his error :)

Jonathan Walz
Jonathan Walz
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Well foundation is a framework who's included stylesheets are foundation.css so my guess would be to leave out the s, if that is the framework it is referencing. Then, of course, if it doesn't work you could always put it back?