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General Discussion

Freelance, Entreprenuer, or Work for a company

Which do you prefer?

7 Answers

Shannon Yeh
Shannon Yeh
8,987 Points

i would alos like to know!!!

Yeah, this is a question that probably plagues many of us. Prior to joining Treefrog I used Lynda and prior to that I learned through googling. I began using platforms like Lynda and this because I really love web design. Having taught myself everything through pieced together bits of web tutorials I was missing a lot of the basics.

As an example: While working on a WP or BC site I would sometimes need to know how to style something and google that specific thing but by doing that I had some really novice skills and some advanced skills but was missing a lot in between.

Personally, I would love to start a web design company. However, start up capital is an issue because I can't hire a staff and it would be difficult to handle every facet of every website for every company that I may be able to procure business with. It would be nice to have someone for UX and graphic design apart from another person who writes the code.

To begin with I am going to increase my skills as much as possible, try to land a good design job, and if permitted do freelance on the side until I'm in a position to start a web design company.

Kevin Korte
Kevin Korte
28,148 Points


I want to work for myself, and create what I want to create. No caps, no restrictions, no one to answer too.

I work for a place now, and although they are good people, it sucks that I do not have full control of the variable. It sucks I have to request time off if I want it. It sucks my salary is "capped" no matter how much I make for the company. It sucks I'm asked to pull extra weight doing other things I really hate doing (like working in their retail business dealing with customers and phones).

Even as freelance, you still have to deal with clients, their schedule, their unrealistic timelines or demands while wanting stuff cheap or free. You might have to do projects you do not enjoy or do not want to do.

Working for yourself seems to be the ultimate freedom with zero caps. Take time off when you want, make as much money as you can, build what you want. It also seems like it will be the most difficult to achieve.

However I still believe you should always be working on building your dreams, or somebody is going to hire you to build theirs.

Kevin, I like everything that you have to say here but that last line is pure gold.

Kevin Korte
Kevin Korte
28,148 Points


I heard it somewhere, from someone. I really wish I knew who actually said it. It wasn't be. But it really struck a cord with me. And I use that thought as my daily motivation to push through and create the life, career, and income that I want. :)

I think you both have words of wisdom =)

Matt Campbell
Matt Campbell
9,767 Points

Entrepreneur and sub-contract...different to freelancing. Work B2B, there's nothing worse then getting clients off the freelance websites. They want a million dollar website for ten bucks and winge when you don't deliver the million dollar site.

I agree w/you about that aspect of freelancing.

Patrick Cooney
Patrick Cooney
12,216 Points

Not to mention with freelancing there are 200 other people willing to undercut you to get the job. They may not be as well qualified or be able to produce as high quality a website as you, but most of the time, as Matt said, the client wants it fast and cheap so they'll choose the cheap crappy person and complain about it when it looks cheap and crappy.

There is also no guarantee you'll have steady work. Working for the man every day sucks but at least you know for a fact that you'll be able to pay your bills that month. Put in the time at a company if you have that luxury and build in your free time. Then when you're ready to go primetime as an entrepreneur you can always quit.

Right. The freelance world is rife with scammers and undercutters. Competing with 200 people for every job you want is no fun. Especially when the potential client only cares about price.

Dan Ridley
Dan Ridley
Courses Plus Student 14,839 Points

Personally my dream is to start a web-design business. I am a team person and I love to work in teams. I would love to have a business and a great team to back me up. I hope to some day achieve this dream. Just take it day by day until that time comes.

I like the way you write! =)

Dave Alexander
Dave Alexander
4,894 Points

Great stuff written here :) my biggest thing is what was mentioned in the beginning about business capital. What is the best way to start building this? Is it through hosting, charging clients an amount which results in a chunk of money for the business, or both.

I would love to hire someone or perhaps two people, but how can one do so without a secure amount of money in the business already.

I guess you have to start somewhere.