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Frustration with how TH has structured WP track

Started the Wordpress track called "WordPress Development" and reading the description I was led to believe this was an all encompassing track to learning WP and building a website. And should I have known better?....I don't think so as I couldn't find a prerequisite list for taking this track or anything to contradict my assumption being new to the TH site.

At the end of the third video "The Famous 5-Minute WordPress Install" I'm told out of the blue by the lecturer Zac ....

"At this point in the course if you're not familiar with how to edit content like post pages and media and in general just how to use wordpress and understand how it functions then it's important that you stop this course and move on to a different one that talks about how to use these features such as Wordpress for website owners"

"such as wordpress for website owners" ...you mean there is others I could also view or you are not sure?

WHAT!? Where's that course? is there a link provided from the current video....NO there isn't! So I'm jumping around the website trying to FIND this course and make sense of how I should structure my learning. Remember I'm new here

You state in your literature "When you start a Track, you'll be given a list of courses to work through."

What you don't say is we'll have you jumping in and out of the track like a yo yo!

Okay I find "WP for website owners" it's in courses. Helpful Zac the tutor points out 2 custom post types called 'Destinations' and 'Slideshows' ... again out of the blue. I noticed posts on the TH forums questioning what these were and where they came from. It was my first time seeing these. I had not idea what they were as it was not clearly explained they were just plugins.

I'm having to constantly replay and jump about just to understand the concepts. I shouldn't have to do this if things were explained properly and as they are introduced, it's time consuming and frustrating for a newbie. I'm baffled as to why they don't have a WP primer before people take on the "WordPress Development" track.

Luckily I'm in the free trial period and haven't paid anything so far or I'd be really pi@@ed.

Why do tracks not have properly sequenced courses that take you from knowing nothing. If someone happens to know the next topic fine they can skip it. Don't just suddenly pipe up saying oh sorry if you don't know this then jump out of the track and as Zac puts it "such as Wordpress for website owners".

If you think I'm being incorrect in any of my criticism please point out why and where I've gone wrong.

4 Answers

I think you have some valid points and I think this is actually the result of a lot of updates. There have been quite a few new Wordpress courses and they don't quite slide in perfectly to how the track was originally set up. I think there will likely be more updates coming and maybe there will be a rethink on the Wordpress track. If I remember correctly it was a much smoother track to follow through when I did it with older content. At the moment there's a mixture where the more basic content is actually newer so that's probably why there's a bit of a feeling of disjointedness. I'd urge you to persevere though as all the Wordpress content while having a lot of overlap in places is very useful. The tracks are not set in stone and do get improved, changed and updated as content gets updated and/or replaced.

Maybe Zac Gordon can come in and shed some light on the future of the WP track and how it stands now.

Fergus and Andrew, both have valid points. The things is as I always write at some point here in this forum. Many and many people have became frustrated with the way how this courses are designed. For many they are really great but for others with critical point of view, we demand a better service. The content of this courses are really helpful if we take part by part. I mean, isolated subjects. The problem is when TH puts together all the pieces or the instructor makes references over a chain of classes, that's where the problem starts. I really think that the instructors are really geniuses. But one thing is to be a genius and other is to be a good communicator. TH needs to revised the pedagogy system not only on the courses track, they need to teach they teachers on how to develop a good system of teaching. I have another point. It's time for TH to revise their curses from two or one year ago and make new ones. The technology is changing our old system of teaching and TH needs to be upfront in all this. I hope that TH don't commit the same mistake from the banking financial system which is this: more clients, more money. More clients-Less services. You see my post answer is very sharp but my intention is that somebody from TH read this and make changes because they are really good, as they are up front in this cyber technology making changes, they can find new ways how to change the way about how to teach this new cyber technology. If they find that new way, they can make more money than they are making today. But please, with better services. Just to make my point, see how many questions with more than one day are with out answer in the forums. Somebody can say, oh if I participate in the discussions, I will learn more. Yes of course we will learn more but the point is that TH is not a forum center is a Learning Center where we pay a monthly fee to be lectured. Another comment would be: The forums are the point where Instructors make contact with their students, well that's a history. Check the old discussions in the forums when TH began. You will see that many of the instructors participated. In the last months usually they are absent at all. Finally, Teamtreehouse is a decent lectured pay center and It's the only where we have some innovative and positive resources. They can be the supreme authority in online learning if they can focus in excellent service.

I have sent this query to treehouse and still have not received a satisfactory answer. I get the feeling treehouse is on its way out and I am very reluctant to pay any money considering my experiences so far. They are certainly experiencing problems. The instructors are good there is no doubt but they are being let down by how the courses are organised. Sad

This was essentially their reply.......

Thank you for getting in touch and for taking the time to send us your feedback. We thank you, and I'll be sure to pass your feedback along to the Teaching Team for review as we build our product based on the input from our students.

Don't hesitate to email us if you need anything. Thank you for being on the Team.


Elizabeth Treehouse Support

I'm sorry but at this stage I won't be risking my money on Treehouse, instead I'm going to have a look at some Youtube videos and the WP site and then decide. I really did expect better from TH considering the hype. If TH is the best out there I'd hate to see the others.