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iOS Swift Functions and Optionals Functions Syntax and Parameters

function person string

Modify the println statement within the greeting function to use the variable person. For example, if you pass a person named "Tom" to the function then it should display: Hello Tom. (Hint: you must use string interpolation).

I am lost here...

8 Answers

Logan R
Logan R
22,989 Points

It just wants you to run the function below your code given the input, Tom.


func apple(size,color) {
    println("The apple is " + size + " and is " + color + ".")

apple(giant,red) // This will produce "The apple is giant and is red."

I am having a difficult time with this challenge. I am getting this error message: Bummer! Your greeting printed "HelloTom." when called with "XYZZY" as the parameter. It should have printed "Hello XYZZY".

My code is: func greeting(person: String) { println("Hello" + person + ".") } greeting("Tom")

Logan R
Logan R
22,989 Points

You need to add a space after hello.

"Hello" + person


"Hello " + person


Thank you for the response. I was able to decipher after reading the question once again. It did not really ask for me to run the code, using person ( Tom ) and I kept on including it ( For example, if you pass a person named "Tom" to the function then it should display: Hello Tom.) So, once I left it out, it went thru. They were simply asking the format, and I kept on trying to call it.

Thank you.

Logan R
Logan R
22,989 Points

Glad you got it figured out :)

Eric Freeburg
Eric Freeburg
1,368 Points

Getting rather frustrated. I tried the aboves, and the following below. Any help would be great Thanks.

func greeting(person: String) {
    println("Hello \(person)")
Akilah Jones
Akilah Jones
18,397 Points

String interpolation involves using the variable(s) inside of a string, which is different than string concatenation which can include multiple sub-strings

let name = "Akilah"

//String concatenation
println("My name is " + name + " and I like to sing")  

//String interpolation
println("My name is \(name) and I like to sing.") 

//Both println statements print "My name is Akilah and I like to sing" to the console

You pass values to functions by placing a variable name inside the parenthesis of the function definition

//function definition
func passVariable(variable_name) {
   println(variable_name)  //prints some value to the console

//function call
passVariable("Akilah")  // prints "Akilah" to the console

Hope that helps

Best Regards


@ Logan and co.

I am still getting this message. "Your greeting printed "Hello Tom." when called with "XYZZY" as the parameter. It should have printed "Hello XYZZY".

It looks like I got it right, and followed your advise on adding a space after hello, then why is it still giving me the error message ?

louis currie
louis currie
11,213 Points

Don't call the function and it will work.

This is the solution :

func greeting(person:String) { let person = "XYZZY" println("Hello (person)")

} greeting("XYZZY")

Answer is

func greeting(person:String) { print("Hello (person)") }