iOS Functions in Swift Adding Power to Functions Returning Complex Values

Nigel Matheson
Nigel Matheson
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functions swift

This code won't work for me and I really don't know why?

// Enter your code below
let coordinates = getTowerCoordinates("Eiffel Tower")

func coordinates(location: String) -> (Double, Double) {

    var lat: Double = 0.0, lon: Double = 0.0

    switch namedlocation {
    case "Eiffel Tower": lat = 48.8582; lon = 2.2945
    case "Great Pyramid": lat = 29.9792; lon = 31.1344
    case "Sydney Opera House": lat = 33.8587;  lon = 151.2140
    default: return (0,0)

return (lat, lon)

2 Answers

Alex Koumparos
Alex Koumparos
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Hi Nigel,

Your first issue is that you are declaring a constant called coordinates that makes a function call to a non-existent function.

Your next issue is that you are missing the external argument label. As the challenge instructs:

Declare a function named coordinates that takes a single parameter of type String, with an external name for, a local name of location

Lastly, you make reference inside your function to namedLocation but you have no such property. The closest you have is location.