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General Discussion

Future Insights LIVE 2014 is available for Treehouse Pro Students!

Future Insights LIVE 2014 from Las Vegas is available now!

Treehouse Pro students can access all of the talks from the conference here:<br /><br /> Future Insights LIVE 2014

If you have a Treehouse Basic account, we've made Treehouse Teacher, Ben Jakuben's conference talk on how to jump start Android and iOS Apps using Open Source Software free here:<br /><br /> Jump Start Android and iOS Apps using Open Source Software

14 Answers

Pro Students? How? How to have a Pro Students account here?

Do you mean Pro membership in Treehouse? For a second I thought Treehouse introduced Pro students package. My bad my bad.

Do you know when would Treehouse bring in Pro account for regular students?

You can upgrade to Pro by clicking on your Profile Image, going to Account Settings, and then clicking Membership. On the Membership page you'll be able to upgrade your account to Pro. Pro accounts have access to Workshops, Conferences, and Bonus Content.

No. I can't afford Michael Poley. I am a student with really very less money.

I thought it is a PRO account for regular students then it turned out to be PRO membership.

Sorry about the confusion Karthikeyan :(

As far as I know, there aren't any plans to make Conferences available for Non-Pro Student Plans – however we did recently make all the Treehouse Friends interviews free for everyone on YouTube. Previously these interviews were only available on the Pro plan.

Treehouse Friends

This is awesome; as always, I'm appreciate of Treehouse patterning up with great conference sponsors such as Future Insights towards making this happen!

Zeshan Ahmed
Zeshan Ahmed
13,151 Points

don't know about it, however it seems something amazing, let's try it. thanks!!

Brian McNitt
Brian McNitt
10,314 Points

Wishlist: Would consider Pro if it were not 2x standard membership. If it were $29 versus $25 month I think a lot more people would upgrade to Pro and benefit from the content. Or, make all accounts $28 and only have one level, including the current Pro content.

idan ben yair
idan ben yair
10,288 Points

I'm with Brian on that one.

Arturo Espinoza
Arturo Espinoza
9,181 Points

I agree with Brian McNitt. If Pro was around $30 bucks I would purchase it for sure. I was thinking about getting Pro but its just a little to expensive.

Zeshan Ahmed
Zeshan Ahmed
13,151 Points

I'm already having Pro account, however I do agree with Brian McNitt because the cost is double, that is only for workspaces (which I really don't use), conferences and workshops (reason to purchase Pro). If the cost for Pro could be decreased, it'll be very beneficial for students who can't afford it.

Completely agree with coming down on the cost of Pro account.

I'm kinda torn on the whole pro cost thing. On the one side, I can see where students are coming from, yes it would be great for them if cost came down. On the other, I can see that costs need to be covered for the conference material (hey if I'm wrong here then I'm happy to be so!)

Anyway I am just grateful to Treehouse for the services they do provide. Compared to university study, this is a heck of a lot easy on the wallet.

Thanks for letting us know more about your concerns about pricing. A cheaper plan would be great! :)

Right now, we're committed to providing Pro students with a lot of tech conferences that would be challenging to get access to otherwise. It sounds like for some people that $50 doesn't make sense to them, but we may not be doing the best job making the value of these conferences clearer.

Future of Insights Live, which is the conference we just posted videos from, costs $1495 to attend for the standard rate (which includes 1 workshop + 4 days of sessions). Getting access to all the speakers videos for $25 more than the Basic student plan seems like a bargain for continuing education.

It's definitely not the same as attending the conference – but it's a great way to keep up to date with current industry trends.

A cheaper Pro plan is an interesting idea. Right now $50 makes sense for the investment that we're putting into conferences, but maybe there's a middle tier that we should be looking into.

Michael Poley Thanks for your analysed response. I do understand and see the great work Treehouse is doing. Firstly I have to thank to Treehouse and Treehouse staffs.

I am a regular student at University here(Macedonia) with family income very less than some of you's monthly income. Unfortunately, I can't personally afford to pay $50 per month. It is a money for whole family to eat month for two weeks.

Please consider regular students and offer us access to full Treehouse content. That would be really good for regular students who attend university regularly.


Karen Matthews
Karen Matthews
2,478 Points

Sorry to be a downer in a good conversation, but I think $50 per month to have access to conferences and workshops is an incredible deal. If you were to attend just one of these conferences, you not only have the cost of the conference, but the cost of food, plane, car rental or taxi service, and hotel rooms on top of that. It would be nothing to easily spend $3000 plus to attend. I do feel that members of foreign countries (dependent upon what country it is) do have a well founded argument here. Price breaks for them should definitely happen and should be based on the average monthly income in the specific country. Students should also be able to have a price break. It costs money for Treehouse to keep the "lights on". And this organization is an incredible resource for the web tech industry. We are fortunate that this company is within our grasp. I am not aware of any other area of career study that has the level of Continuing Education that Treehouse provides us. Treehouse also helps match their members to employers on some level. Keep up the awesome work Treehouse!

michaelpoley Do you have a Student price for Pro?