Android Build an Interactive Story App Intents and Multiple Activities Getting Resources from the Context


in this lecture,

<> ... Resources resources = getResources(); String key = resources.getString(R.string.key_name);...

<> ... String name = intent.getStringExtra(getString(R.string.key_name));


in MainActivitiy, he called "getResources()" and passed into "resources". and then he used "getString()" via "resources"

but in StoryActivity, he didnot called "getResources()", but he using "getString()" directly.

why StoryActivity doesnot require calling "getResources()".

thank you

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Mustafa Ogün Öztürk
Mustafa Ogün Öztürk
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Both of these Activities have both of these methods. Teacher is using two different ways in different Activities coz he wants you to see and learn how you can implement it in different ways.