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Getting compiler error CS0201.

using System.Linq; List<int> numbersGreaterThanTen = new List<int>(); foreach (int number in numbers) { if (number > 10) { numbersGreaterThanTen.Add(number); } }

numbersGreaterThanTen List<int>(3) { 16, 32, 64 } from number in numbers where number > 10 select number; (1,1): error CS0201: Only assignment, call, increment, decrement, await, and new object expressions can be used as a statement

Steven Parker
Steven Parker
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Evan O'Hara
Evan O'Hara
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The reason this is happening probably has to do with how their workspace is setup to simplify some things. I got this in Visual Studio by declaring numbersGreaterThanTen as an IEnumerable<int>.

So working in Visual Studio is gonna be something like this:

List<int> numbers = new List<int> { 2, 4, 8, 16, 32, 64 }; IEnumerable<int> numbersGreaterThanTen = new List<int>(); numbersGreaterThanTen = from number in numbers where number > 10 select number;