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Duarte Reis
Duarte Reis
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Getting the right result in Pycharm, but not passing the test

Hi! This code works when I run it in Pycharm and I get the same exact result as the example. But I can't pass the test here.

Not sure of what is wrong.

Thanks a lot for any help in advance!
# E.g. word_count("I do not like it Sam I Am") gets back a dictionary like:
# {'i': 2, 'do': 1, 'it': 1, 'sam': 1, 'like': 1, 'not': 1, 'am': 1}
# Lowercase the string to make it easier.

def word_count(palavra):
    dicio = {}
    palavra_list=(palavra.lower()).split(" ")
    for word in palavra_list:
        if word in dicio:
            variavel = word
            times = palavra_list.count(word)
            dicio.update({variavel : times})


2 Answers

Steven Parker
Steven Parker
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When you run this, the system gives you some hints: "Bummer: Hmm, didn't get the expected output. Be sure you're lowercasing the string and splitting on all whitespace!".

The rules of "split" say to split on "all whitespace" the argument should be left empty or set to None.