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Jan Lundeen
Jan Lundeen
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git mv command - challenge 1 of 3 - getting error - need to specify the file to move


When I was working on challenge 1 of 3 for the git mv command, I got an error even though I did what the error message said I should do. Here's the question:

Challenge Task 1 of 3 We accidentally committed a file with the wrong file name extension. Run the git command to move the "chapter3.text" file to the name "chapter3.txt". Type in your command below, then press Enter.

Here's mu answer:

git mv "chapter3.text" "chapter3.txt"

Here's the error message I received:

Bummer: After the subcommand "mv", you need to specify the name of the file you want to move. In this case, that's the file name with the incorrect extension: "chapter3.text".

Since I listed the file I wanted to move followed by the file I want to move it to, I'm not sure why I'm getting an error. I double checked to make sure I didn't misspell either one of the files names. Both look correct to me. Can you help me figure out what I'm missing?



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Mark Sebeck
Mark Sebeck
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You don't need the quotes on the file names.


git mv chapter3.text chapter3.txt

Jan Lundeen
Jan Lundeen
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Thanks Mark! That worked.