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James Phelps
James Phelps
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git repo not working "fatal: bad object HEAD" - seen as a rare issue

I am unable to use the git repo and therefore am unable to complete this course - I have seen a similar issue within the comments section but the thread just ends with no answer!!!!

Paul Messmer
Paul Messmer
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I took this course last night and was having issues even cd into another file after starting the workspace. What i ended up doing was simply watching the videos and then doing the quizzes it just sucked because i am a hands on learner

1 Answer

Hi James,

How far have you got into the course? Can you run git init again to reset the local repo? You might need to ditch some files too.

While I don't usually recommend Stack Overflow as it is a pretty hostile environment - there's a useful thread here that might help you out too.

Hope this helps.