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Jeffrey Bradfield
Jeffrey Bradfield
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GitHub desktop not being recognized

When I initially downloaded the GitHub desktop app, I chose the newest version, which I didn't realize is a Beta. It wouldn't give the option for opening the repository in Atom, which I already have downloaded and have used. I then downloaded the older version of GitHub desktop as suggested from other students in the forum. But after doing so, the application is not being recognized when create the repository and click "Set up in Desktop" as the tutorial suggests. I get an error message on my Mac, "There is no application set to open the URL x-github-client://openRepo/" Even after deleting both the Beta and the older version along with the repository, I still cannot get my Mac to recognize the application. Not sure where to go from here??

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I am sorry Jeffrey, i dont have mac. But similar problem comes in certain cases and i believe you try following options first and if it doesn't help then Author might be able to help here. @ Treasure Porth .

Before visiting... make sure:

  • You have logged into the application.
  • logged into website.

Keep posted if it doesn't work out.