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Good idea to learn wordprees?

is it a good idea to learn wordpress just to learn it ? Im learning coding but is it good to learn wordpress so i just have the knowledge of it?

7 Answers


It's a difficult question, and really nobody else can answer that. It's a waste of time to discuss WordPress features, too. What s your goal(s)? What do you want to learn to do? Without that, the answer to your question is always "it doesn't matter".

i want to be programmer in every field so what im saying by the age of 26 witch i know it enouh to get to know iOS in good level and website or maybe thats too much . Im 17 and my goal is to open my well business website when i reach 19 years so i have around 2-3 years to acomplish my goal that looks professional. i want to know how to make any program i want in iOS so that mena in C/C++ and in swift and any website i want alone . Team work sure , not now . I know HTML and CSS, maybe just a little more practice but im doing that and now im learning ruby on rails . But would be wordpress useful for me to learn it or its a waste of mine time ? or however it takes to learn it lets say a month and then start my website my idea and then in cople of months when i learned server language and JS rebuild it like i wanted? Is wordpress any good for me , would be this useful or not at all?or i could od like 30 min on it every day on a side just to know it and that could be useful sometime or not really?

Okay, you're 17. That's awesome. But still, "I want to be a programmer in every field" isn't a goal. There's no point in trying to tackle everything--you won't be able to, your knowledge will be shallow, and you'll burn out. Trust me--I've tried it, and I was older than you.

My best suggestion? Follow your interests and what makes you curious. It's the only way--trust me on that, too. In other words--if WordPress interests you? Go for it. It won't be a mistake.

And most of all--there is no "best" path. There's no "best" way to learn programming, there's no "best" language, and so on. Just choose and go, then choose again. That's life!

I mean in every field website , front and end , basics graphics and iOS ad desktop application to program , thats possibile right? that intrests me a lot . And talking about iOS i mean C/C++ more likely and for apple too making apps but later when i finish my website if thats possibile. Well so wordpress dont intrest me at all so i just make it a mistake . Thank you .

Okay, but you have to do it one step at a time. And there is no "best" step. What matters most is just to choose something and go. Seek, and adjust. Pick WordPress, pick front end, back end--just choose what seems interesting now and start learning. Give it your best. Try it.

I was like that choosing and changing 2 months :( but now im into ruby and im doing everything to get the best of it as what im waiting for to make social features that intrests me very much .Well one step by time im so curious and all that stuff that i would like to make an iOS app and website at the time but thats not possibil with time and as you said it has to be done step by step uh . Thank you for your advise ill try my best in doing that ,iOS ill do it later in cople of months maybe years . . .

James Barnett
James Barnett
39,199 Points

Wordpress is PHP software and you can do some pretty advanced stuff with it once you learn PHP.

Im learning ruby now not php but if i start learning wordpress now with ruby thats ok ?

bdw i put general discusion because if somebody is from wordpress that cant code if you know what i mean

Its a good content management software, if you plan to be a web designer definitely check it out!

Jason Taylor
Jason Taylor
3,059 Points

It's worth learning but if you are new to web design I'd suggest getting down HTML and CSS and if at all possible, javascript (at least an understanding of it). Then move on to Wordpress. Knowing how to utilize Wordpress to quickly build a site can be beneficial to you as you can quickly move through a project and to your customer as it can make it easier for them to update content on their own and not be exposed to code.

Zac Gordon
Zac Gordon
Treehouse Guest Teacher

If you want to learn to learn a variety of languages and programming platforms then yes, learning PHP and WordPress is a good idea. Knowing HTML, CSS, JS and PHP are all preqs for our WP Dev courses tho, so make sure you learn those first.

James Barnett
James Barnett
39,199 Points

One important thing is to pick a track and stick with it. Do the entire front-end dev track and then move on to the Wordpress track as an example.

That will give you a firm grasp of the building blocks to start building things with Wordpress. I don't recommend to flitter around from topic to topic only learning a bit of each thing.

Okay , thank you all. I go step by step as James Gill said and how you said, James Barnett , i will stick with the track . .| Im also getting more familiar whats needed for wordpress as it can be useful later one . Maybe.| bdw James Barnett, i noticed now , i got down vote. Whats wrong about it? i asked a question, then i told why i put general discussion not wordpress .