JavaScript Express Basics Parameters, Query Strings, and Modularizing Routes Linking Around the Application

Reggie Williams
Reggie Williams
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Goodbye route in Linking around the application (end of express basics)

When I place the goodbye route in the index.js file I get a 404 error when the button is pushed. When I put it in Cards.js it works just fine. In the video I never saw the goodbye route moved

I had a similar problem, But What I did to fix this is to copy the "POST /goodbye" route to the card.js

router.get('/:id', (req, res,next) => {

  const {side} = req.query
  const {id} = req.params

  if(side !== 'question' && side !== 'answer') {

  const user_name = req.cookies.user_name

  const text = cards[id][side]
  const {hint} = cards[id]

 const templateData = {id, text, user_name}

 if(side === 'question') {
   templateData.hint = hint
   templateData.sideToShow = 'answer';
   templateData.sideToShowDisplay = 'Answer';
 } else if (side === 'answer') {
  templateData.sideToShow = 'question';
  templateData.sideToShowDisplay = 'Question';

 res.render("card", templateData)

/// pasted it here'/goodbye', (req,res) => {

Basically, I have two "Post /goodbye" route. one in the index.js and another in cards.js