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Goodnight Can you help me with this string concatenation. C# basics

Goodnight I am suppose to concatenate the word rocks to firstName as part of my coding challenge after the lesson, just cant seem to get it right. the 3rd line of code is where im getting the problem.

string firstName = Console.ReadLine() ; Console.WriteLine(firstName) ; Console.WriteLine("firstName " + " rocks") ;

string firstName = Console.ReadLine() ;
Console.WriteLine(firstName) ;
Console.WriteLine("firstName" + "rocks!") ;

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Brendan Whiting
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Brendan Whiting
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1) They want the variable firstName again, not the string literal "firstName".

2) You need to add a space in " rocks" otherwise it will be smushed together when you concatenate. (This seems to be the case in the first version of the code in your question but not the 2nd, not sure why).

Thanks guys, just amazing , it worked.