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Google Fonts Code

In the original/default HTML head font link, Joy has rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" in her code. However when I look at the Google font codes, the ones I have selected do NOT have type="text/css" in the code, but it seemingly still works to change the font. Is this on a font-by-font basis, or should our code always have type=text/css" in the font source? Thank you!

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Jamie Reardon
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Jamie Reardon
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Its not a necessary attribute to have in a link element. You however, do need at least two attributes when creating a link element which are href (which points to the path of the file) and the rel (which describes the relationship between the document and the external file). Below is an example of a general setup link element with these two attributes that you need.

<link rel="stylesheet" href="linktofile.css">