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Christopher Borchardt
Christopher Borchardt
2,908 Points

guessing game not running

I am getting a little ahead of the courses in the javascript basics. I am trying to combine what has been taught in the javascript course with other principles I've learned in other course.

I am trying to make a guessing game that the user can pick how high the number goes, and the number of guesses scales with how large the number is.

I have it set to loop for the number of guesses selected.
However when i try to run the code in a workspace it doesn't run.

Random number guessing game.
The user can select a number and the game
Will generate a random number from 1 to the number selected.
The user has a different number of chances to guess the number 
depending on how large a number selected

// Prompt user to pick how high the random number will go and generate the random number
var input = prompt("Pick a number");
var randomNumber = Math.floor(Math.random()* input) + 1;
var guesses = 0;

// dermine the number of guesses allowed by how large a number the user picks.
function numberOfGuesses (input) {
    if input <= 10{
        guesses = 3 ;   
    } else if (input <= 100){
        guesses = 8;
    } else if (input <= 1000){
        guesses = 15;
    }else {
        guesses = math.float(Number*.3);

// compare the guess to the random number generated.
function main (guesses) {
    for( i = guesses, i >0, i--)
        var guess = prompt('I am thinking of a number between 1 and ' + input + '. What is it? You can guess ' + guesses + 'time(s)');
        if (parseInt(guess) === randomNumber) {
            document.write('<p>you guessed the number!</p>');
        } else if (guess < randomNumber) {
            document.write('Your guess was too low, try again!');
            guesses -= 1
        } else {
            document.write('Your guess was too high, try again!');
            guesses -= 1

Christopher Borchardt
Christopher Borchardt
2,908 Points

ok, that really makes it ugly when i copy and pasted the code in, i made a new workspace and took a snapshot.


//Fixed Code Preview

1 Answer

Steven Parker
Steven Parker
229,578 Points

To start with, you have a few syntax issues:

  • the if on line 15 needs parentheses around the test expression
  • the for on line 29 needs semicolons (;) instead of commas (,)
  • the same for is missing an open brace ({)

Fixing those will get it running, but you may want to tweak a few things.

I noticed that even when the correct answer was guessed, the prompts for guesses continue until you use up the entire quota.

Also, getting input with prompt and output to the document seems a bit awkward. You might consider using alert for the responses, or make them part of the next prompt.

To make it challenging, but always doable, limit the guesses to the log(2) of the upper range (rounded up).

Happy coding!

Christopher Borchardt
Christopher Borchardt
2,908 Points

ok, i fixed those syntax errors and made a couple of improvements to the code.


it seems to work, except it breaks if i go over 1000 for the guess.