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Guil's browser showing screensize...

In many of Guil's videos, when he is showing the preview browsers, the bottom right corner of his browser displays the current browser size. Is this something that I can turn on using Chrome, or is this only through Safari?

If I can use it on Chrome, can someone tell me where I can go to turn that on? I would like to see the sizes of my browser windows as I resize them using the mouse and testing the media queries and responsiveness.

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Jason Anders
Jason Anders
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Hey Michael,

Guil is using Chrome, and the extension he has installed is called "Window Resizer".

I think this is what you are looking for. :) :dizzy:

That is it. Got it going. Thank both of ya'll for the help.

jason chan
jason chan
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Developer tools.

Click the box arrow thing. Then highlight elements.

Instead of using the mouse pointer to target elements to see their size, I was more referring to what Guil's browser is doing. Really, any time he resizes the browser there is a small little box that pops up in the bottom right corner of his browser window that displays the dimensions of the browser window itself.

you can use chrome , with an extension of a windows resizer it works , they way its showing on Guil's videos