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Alan Wright
Alan Wright
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<h1>Welcome to my homepage<h1>. I put the wrong ending tag. What is the correct ending tag? Do all tags end the same way

I took the quiz and I got this question wrong. I want to know what the correct ending tag would be for this line of text and if all tags when coding have to end the same.

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Closing tags have a slash: </h1>

Jamie Reardon
Jamie Reardon
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Most elements will have a closing tag. A closing tag uses a backslash ("/") before the tag name (e.g. h1). Those elements that do not have a closing tag are usually called a "self-closing element/tag" or "empty element".

Example of a element that uses an opening and closing tag:

<h1>This is an element that uses an opening and closing tag</h1>

Example of a self-closing element/tag:

<img> <!-- This is an element that uses a self-closing tag -->

You can also define a self-closing element/tag like this:

<img /> <!-- You can optionally use the backslash to clearly indicate that this element is a self-closing tag/empty element. -->