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michael ernst
michael ernst
2,218 Points a newb....not sure where to start.

The video doesn't really cover the code for multiply so i'm just guessing. Can anyone give me a little guidance on the multiview tasks. I believe there are 5 tasks in all, but i'm still stuck at the first one.
from flask import Flask

app = Flask(__name__)


      def mulitply('5,5')
        return (5*5)

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Rick Gleitz
Rick Gleitz
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Hi Michael,

You just need: @app.route("/multiply") # make sure multiply is spelled correctly

Don't indent the function (and it should simply be empty)

def multiply(): # also need a colon after the function statement return str(5*5) # and the return needs to be changed into a string ("views have to return strings")

Hope this helps!

michael ernst
michael ernst
2,218 Points

thanks! my brain was fried. revisiting it today and with your tips did the trick!