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Linos Mtembu
Linos Mtembu
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'hand' doesn't have 'roll method'
import random

class Die:
    def __init__(self, sides=2):
        if sides < 2:
            raise ValueError("Can't have fewer than two sides")
        self.sides = sides
        self.value = random.randint(1, sides)

    def __int__(self):
        return self.value

    def __add__(self, other):
        return int(self) + other

    def __radd__(self, other):
        return self + other

class D20(Die):
    def __init__(self):

        from dice import D20

class Hand(list):
    def __init(self, size=0, die_class=None, *args, **kwargs):

        for _ in range(size):

    def __len__(self):
        return super().__len__()

    def total(self):
        return sum(self)

    def roll(cls, size_in):
        return cls(size=size_in, die_class=D20)
class Hand(list):
    def total(self):
        return sum(self)

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Chris Freeman
Chris Freeman
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The Hand class code should be in the file.

As shown above, the contains a simple class definition that has no classmethod.