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handleRemovePlayer() function ... naming convention???

Why does Guil name this function handleRemovePlayer()

Why not just removePlayer() which is shorter and cleaner?

Is this a common naming convention to use handle? If so how is it used?

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Lee Vaughn
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Lee Vaughn
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Hi jaycode!

The word "handle" isn't related to any particular naming convention. I believe he just chose to name the method handleRemovePlayer to differentiate it from the removePlayer prop that he creates later.


Thanks Lee,

I have seen handle used before so I wasn't quite sure. I suppose to give the function a more explicit name for developers reading the code to better understand its purpose at quick glance. I wasn't sure if this was a common naming convention or just an arbitrary name. I happen to like the way Guil defined the function beginning with handle as a prefix to let us know it's an event handler. I guess it comes down to preference at the end of the day.

Thanks for clearing this up!