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hard time understanding reason behind creating button this way.

im confused as to why we added a button by directly inserting the html into the selector as opposed to using the .html setter method we learned about previously.

//Create the reveal spoiler button const $button = $('<button>Reveal spoiler</button>'); //append to page $('.spoiler').append($button);

i tried //Create the reveal spoiler button const $button = $('<button>Reveal spoiler</button>'); //append to page $('.spoiler').html($button);

but after i click the button it disappears and no text is displayed. it seems the span tag nested inside the p tag with the .spoiler class disappeared.

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Steven Parker
Steven Parker
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As Emmanuel pointed out, these two methods do different things. But they also are designed to use different arguments.

The "append" method can take a variety of argument types, including jQuery objects, but the "html" method only takes a string or function argument. Since "$button" is a jQuery object, it is not a suitable argument for use with the "html" method. But it's fine for the "append" method as shown in the video example.

Emmanuel C
Emmanuel C
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The append methods adds the html to whatever is there already. However the html methods replaces the html content completely.

So when you call append itll add that element as a child of the element with class="spoiler" like it was a the beginning of the video. But when you call html, itll remove the html inside the element with class="spoiler" , which was that span element and replace it with the new button element you created in jquery.